There are so many movements, group initiatives, political parties out there…what makes Time2RiseSA (T2R) different?

Several months have passed since the official birth of T2R early 2023. Looking back, we can only stand in awe for the supernatural UNITY that God is stirring amongst His people, with our common denominator being the Holy Spirit … an untouchable, allmighty loving power.

Across the board of all denominations & cultures, it seems that when a believer joins T2R, he/she is instantaneously on the same page with all who have joined…it is the same Spirit ✨🔥 joining us together , irrespective of denomination, social status, line of work or any other difference.

It may be difficult for the uninitiated, especially those with political ideals, to position T2R somewhere in the South African political landscape, because it does not fit the standard box of political structures. T2R operates under the political radar: believers that unite because they react on their Biblical mandate to be salt and light, and not because they react to an (often) power-hungry, fear-based political agenda.

T2R cannot be confined to the narrow parameters of a political party nor affiliates with one. It has not been conceived by people and it is not being sustained by people. God Himself initiated it, He is breathing life into the dry bones of our country, and He is implementing His masterplan with timely, strategic precision , using His children that He called for a time like this.

The momentum that T2R has gained in the last months is nothing less than a miracle. The time has indeed come for the children of God to rise up in their original purpose: to make God’s Kingdom known on earth (as in Heaven, so in SA).

We sense that everyone who join T2R, do so, because they are stirred by the Holy Spirit, because God has revealed to them who and what T2R is, not because they support a ‘good sounding’ ideology. This makes T2R in essence, a spiritual movement, something that would be very hard for many people with ‘fleshy’ mindsets to grasp.

It is the spiritual emphasis that makes it impossible to define T2R as a political movement. We trust it will have political impact in the upcoming elections, and hopefully mobilise millions of believers to vote together for a God-serving candidate, but T2R is about much more than politics.

It is about mobilising the body of Christ to unite in heart and spirit to become a force for change in SA, from ground level up to governance level.

I believe the perfection of God’s masterplan with T2R, lies exactly in the fact that it is a-political. It creates a platform that could potentially have significant voting-power but remains in fact untouchable and unstoppable, being empowered and informed by God Himself.

God is calling those who are willing to stand up and fight for what is right. Those who refuse to compromise Biblical standards because they know it is the only answer to restore the broken walls of this country. It operates first and foremost on love. And love is not a political principle. It is the language of God.

I pray and trust that when this remnant of God has gained sufficient momentum, it will usher in a tipping point and create a slipstream for thousands of lost people who will recognise Jesus in His remnant: pure, loving people with God-led solutions for SA. That is revival. And revival is what is ultimately needed to save South Africa.

Together for the Kingdom!

Hanri de la Harpe