Time2RiseSA recognises that without prayer, this country will not change!

Prayer forms a strategic part of the Time2Rise modus operandi and operation plan, as indicated in the following infographic:

Time2RiseSA has several Prayer Actions aimed at mobilizing the body of Christ to unite in strategic prayer for South Africa:

• Prayer Army: the purpose of this group is to pray for relevant matters in South Africa, transforming communities on grassroots level – by the power of prayer and with the hand of God.

• T2R National Prayer Leaders: this group consists of strong intercessors who identify specific overarching matters in South Africa that are targeted in prayer.

• Witchcraft Delegation: this group is tasked with a strategic prayer assignment to identify and war against demonic altars, ancestor worship and witchcraft in South Africa.

• Prayer Warriors: This is a ground-level prayer movement that is also part of the T2R Revival wall that we are rebuilding.

Time2RiseSA also supports other prayer initiatives in South Africa that are focussed on transforming communities by prayer. One of these is SA Prayer Circles.


SA Prayer Circles is a strategic inter-church prayer movement aimed at restoration of our towns and cities though collective, corporate prayer. Hundreds of Prayer Circles have been established across South Africa as the children of God respond to His call to unite and fight the good fight of faith together.


 Prayer Parks
Prayer Circles get together in parks to pray. Since this movement aims to unify the body of Christ, parks serve as neutral ground – it is a communal space that belongs to everyone and unifies believers from different churches and institutions.

A cross is planted in each Prayer Park to mark the convening point for the Prayer Circle and indicate that the town/suburb has been dedicated to God. It also signifies that the area has been proclaimed for Jesus.

 The cross is inscribed with the words As in Heaven, so in this city/town. This is in line with the way Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:10: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. The vision is to establish God’s will in every towns and city in South Africa and see them transformed, filled with the glory of God!

How to start a Prayer Circle in your town or suburb

To start a Prayer Circle in your town, signup here. We will include you on our national Prayer Circle WhatsApp group to keep you informed and send prayer points to you. You can also use the flyer below to help you gather believers to pray with you.  The documents below provide all the steps and tips that you need to start a Prayer Circle in your town.


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