Uniting for change

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.
Proverbs 29: 2

Governance and the 2024 Election

Time2RiseSA is not a political party and we won’t become one. However, we are deeply concerned about the state of government and we want to see “that part of the wall” rebuilt in the form of a righteous government. We aim to establish Godly governance in all sectors of society through servant-leaders whose values are based on Biblical principles to set a new standard of governance in South Africa.

We dream of a political party that is different: an initiative that unifies God’s people, that gives them a voice, and become an instrument through which they can govern South Africa. Christians outnumber all official groups in South Africa. Christians are the silent majority! If we stand together, and vote together for servant-heart leaders, this country can change radically.

See our Elections 2024 plan below!

Remember, no matter what party is ruling South Africa, Time2RiseSA will continue as a Kingdom nation-building initiative that will keep working on transforming South Africa and Africa for God’s glory!

More than 75% of SA
profess to be Christian:
Christians are the
silent majority!

How will you decide who to vote for in the Election? South Africa hangs in the balance. Your choice can swing it in the right direction.

Vote for a righteous government🇿🇦

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Time2RiseSA aims to identify new leaders for South Africa on local, provincial and national level. We believe that leaders should serve the people (and not themselves) and should be chosen by the people themselves for leadership positions.

We have asked our Time2RiseSA supporters to nominate leaders that they would like to see in leadership positions in South Africa. View them below!


Are you a righteous business owner with a heart for community upliftment? We invite you to join the Time2Rise family as an affiliate. Your partnership amplifies our collective impact.

The mandate that God gave Time2RiseSA is to unite the body of Christ to become a force for change in South Africa. In line with this mandate, we aim to connect like-minded institutions across South Africa and affiliate with us. When you affiliate with us, you agree to be in one accord with Time2RiseSA’s principles and that you love God and South Africa. See a summary of this Accord below. To affiliate with T2R please send an email to

The heartbeat of Time2RiseSA is to build bridges between different Kingdom roleplayers to address the needs of South Africans and empower believers to make an impact.

As the body of Christ, we become the hand (five-fold) that fits perfectly into the glove, which represents the void, the emptiness in SA, the problems that wait for new solutions.
The more action we take, the more we build this bridge between where the problems are and where the solutions are. All the glory belongs to God, for it is His Spirit that leads us.


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