DECLARATIONS for The Day of Prayer & Fasting on Sunday, 25 Feb 2024 at 4pm.

Declaration 1

“Father, we as Your people in South Africa distance ourselves from our government’s case against Israel at the International Court. We withdraw from their decision to accuse Israel of genocide. We declare a separation from this government and the consequences of this action. We bless Israel and declare your protection over all who live in the land of Israel.”

Declaration 2

“We declare that all doors that allow evil in South Africa be closed, in Jesus Name. We cancel the laws and actions that give legal right to sin in the land. We declare that God’s will be done in South Africa, let His Kingdom come, and let He be glorified as the King over South Africa: a land purified by the blood of Jesus.”

Declaration 3:

“We declare that South Africa belongs to Jesus, the Creator of this land. As King of kings over all the earth, we dedicate South Africa to Him. We declare that all powers and authority submit themselves to His will. As Christians who are the majority and who live in this land, we declare that South Africa is a Christian nation.”

Suggested worship songs:
No longer slaves
Africa will be saved
(South Africa will be saved)