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At the end of January 2023 about 300 men came together at Camp Unity to pray and seek God’s face. He clearly showed us from Ezekiel 37 how the dry bones need to come together in South Africa and Africa. “Where there’s unity, the Lord commands a blessing” (Ps 133). He showed us that it’s time to rebuild the walls (Nehemiah 4) on new foundations (Isaiah 61).

It became clear to us that it’s time for new systems, for real change. The answer is to fully align with God’s will and purposes in South Africa. The time has come for Africa to RISE UP in its redemptive purpose. Its full potential still needs to be unlocked to the glory of God among the nations. Now that moment has come…

The 300 men weekend was followed by a Christian Leadership Summit held in Senekal from 12-13 April 2023. It was a multicultural gathering of influential men and women who are passionate about changing South Africa in line with God’s Word. Out of the two days action steps came forward that gave further momentum to Time2RiseSA as we unite for change.

SA dedicated to God

The weekend marked a pivotal point in the history of South Africa. On Saturday morning, our country was officially dedicated to God during a Spirit-filled ceremony on the hill, the centre-most point of South Africa.

Hearts were touched as we took communion together and read the Dedication Declaration. As victory was celebrated with multiple shofars sounding in the air, the clouds above us suddenly formed two glorious white streaks, representing a pathway into Heaven.

All glory to God, our miracle-working, loving and victorious Savior!

Speeches and messages

The quality of speakers throughout the weekend was truly astonishing. Inspiring us with Holy Spired-led, sense-making messages, it was clear that these speakers were truly anointed and raised by God as servant-heart leaders that voice His heart and love for a country that is on the brink of collapse.

In summary, their messages conveyed the urgent need for believers to step up in their role as ambassadors for God and challenge, amongst others, the decline of godly values in our constitution and society. It was emphasised that around 75% of people in South Africa are Christians, and if they stand together and vote together as one united voice, it is possible to turn the country around and usher in righteous leaders.

The question was aptly asked: Why, if South Africa has thousands of active churches and millions of believers in Jesus Christ, is our country falling apart? The time has come for believers to unite, rise up and say ‘enough’!.

Mabopane 27 April 2024


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